Wairarapa Moonlodge are delighted to invite you to our Wild Women Wisdom Day. 

We will be learning about the phases of the moon and how it affects us emotionally. We will create moon charts so we can see the patterns month after month and learn how to work with the moon better. We will learn how the different seasons reflect different phases of our life and how to incorporate that with the moon. We will share old stories, traditional healing such as herbs, fermenting foods, learn about our moon cycles, create moon calanders, womb healing, wise women meditation, tales, fermenting and herbal wisdom. Fun with sisters in a open nonjudgemental, non-competitive supportive circle.. 

This workshop is open to all women and will teach you how to incorporate the different phases of the moon and different seasons in to your life so that  you can work with the natural rhythms around you for a more peaceful and balanced life. You will be shown how to make moon charts which can help you acknowledge and recognise trends and allow you to plan accordingly, bringing greater balance to your life. 

We will share old tales and dig deep inside to find our true inner wild woman. We will take journey’s and meditations to incorporate this into our life. We will share old traditional healing ideas, herbs, fermenting and womb clearing. 

We will sing and dance and have a lot of fun as we take this intense and exciting journey together to unveil the true strength that lies within us all. 

All dance is done to a level you are comfortable with, even if it’s sitting in a chair and tapping your feet. 

Let's dance with the moon. Let's be free. Let us support each other. Let's share our wisdom that we know is there deep down in our bones. 

The previous evening we have our usual New Moon Circle so make this a weekend to remember and have a mini moonlodge time! 

The investment for the day is $30, this will include morning tea and an afternoon drink. Please bring lunch. $35 to include circle the evening before. 

If you are facing hardship and are unable to attend due to finance then please do contact us and we will see if we can find a way to finance you. 

Please note this is a women only event.

Please bring a cushion to sit on, blanket or shawl , your lunch and paper and pen. 

More details about our monthly circle and the event are available here at Wairarapa Moonlodge on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Wairarapa-Moonlodge-and-Sisterhood-Circle-48730...

Or call/text 0276 303066.