‘PSS PSS’~ A review by Jacob Aitken, Carterton School

I felt very excited when I heard that I was going to the ‘PSS PSS’ show. I was chosen to be an understudy because of my work at a writing course and I am interested in shows.

I went to the Carterton Events Centre with Mrs Woollard, Mr Woollard and my mum. 

When we got there I was feeling excited. In the Events Centre it was so crowded I almost felt claustrophobic. When they opened the doors to the stage and stairs I was so hyped up I could have bounced off the walls! I was squeezing my mum’s hand when we were walking up the steps.

We went to our seats. The audience was really loud, with everyone who was in there talking in an excited, happy way.

It went dark, the talking got quieter and quieter, and when it got fully dark there was silence.

Mysterious music started to play and the two actors came out. They looked as if they were walking down a street in winter, with big coats on.

Over the next hour I felt happy and full of laughter. I saw people around me enjoying the show; they were laughing, smiling and clapping.

The actors did amazing acrobatics and gymnastics. They could hold onto each other and use each others strength to hold each other up.

All they said for the whole show was ‘PSS PSS!’, but they told a funny story with their actions.

I was scared when they were on the trapeze that was high up in the air and they did not know how to get down. I thought they were going to fall.

I was very happy that I had been picked to see PSS PSS. Anyone who likes acrobats and laughing  would love this show.

Thank you to Kokomai Festival for letting me go to the show.