Imagine what it’s like to stay up all night!  One night Sunny Ray breaks all the rules and instead of going to sleep, stays up very, very late to party with the Magnificent Moon.

Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon comes from the imaginations of Clare Bartholomew and Daniel Tobias, creators of the internationally acclaimed Comedy Festival favourite, Die Roten Punkte and, the award-winning creators of theatre for young audiences, Arena Theatre Company directed by Christian Leavesley. 

Sunny Ray features original music inspired by everything from folk to funk, disco and pop written by Bartholomew and Tobias with dramaturgy from Casey Bennetto (Keating! The Musical). 

Fresh from a critically acclaimed world premiere at Sydney Festival, Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon will delight audiences aged four years and over.



★★★★  "Star-spangled theatre rock party. This affectionate, well thought out production is a terrific small-scale jewel.”  SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

★★★★  “Very entertaining”  TIME OUT SYDNEY