Between the 25th June 2012 and the 25th November 2015 Shantanu Starick successfully travelled to all seven continents of the globe trading his services as a photographer for life’s basic necessities.

“No currency, no contracts, only my camera and the curiosity of a cat.”  In exchange for his skills as a professional photographer, each subject provided a roof to sleep under, food to keep the stomach happy and a ticket or ride to the next trade. Shelter, food and transport traded for whatever photography work was needed.

After 1238 days of continuous shooting, Shantanu set off for the final 10 day trade to Antarctica, thus completing the Pixel Trade Project.

Every continent,without spending a cent of money on anything in the process.

Come and hear Shantanu speak about his experience, one that is larger than the photographs he captured or the goal he set out to achieve.