Join Ashleigh Young and Damien Wilkins, award winning authors and co-workers at the International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University. 

Ashleigh is the first New Zealander to ever receive a prestigious international Windham-Campbell Prize for Nonfiction for Can you tolerate this?

About her recent Windham-Campbell Award, Ashleigh said that before the award she had always thought of herself as 'a small writer. Someone who could only ever write in the margins', and she had assumed that her audience would also be small. The award, 'a marvellous and truly mind-boggling honour', has affirmed to her that she can make writing a bigger part of her life, which for many New Zealand writers can be extremely difficult to do.

Damien Wilkins is the author of eleven books. He has won numerous awards - his most recent, Dad Art, was shortlisted for this year’s Ockham Book Awards.